When you subscribe to an insurance policy (life, motor, home, borrower, etc. insurance), a banking transaction (real estate loan, consumer credit, etc.), a payment service, and/or an investment advisory service, your advisor may be an employee of an insurance company, bank, or investment company or an intermediary or employee of an insurance, banking, or finance intermediary.

Orias allows you to verify whether your advisor is actually registered with Orias and meets a series of professional conditions.


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Orias informs you and supports you with your procedures on the Single Register of Insurance, Banking, and Finance Intermediaries.

To meet the expectations of professionals, Orias provides you with a business area where various information notes and user guides are available.

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To better understand how insurance, banking, and finance intermediaries operate, the INC (French national consumer institute) and Orias are launching an information campaign aimed at the general public about intermediation and related obligations :

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It is an association, under the supervision of the Treasury Directorate, created in 2007 to certify insurance intermediaries, in accordance with a European Union directive established in 2002.

We issue a "work permit" for these intermediaries whether they are brokers, general agents, or representatives. Since 15 January 2013, the scope of action has been extended to include banking transactions and payment services intermediaries (IOBSP) as well as financial investment advisors (CIF) and investment service providers' tied agents (ALPSI).

Since 1 October 2014, Orias has assumed the task of registering crowdfunding advisors (CIP) and crowdfunding intermediaries (IFP). 

Orias is now responsible for maintaining and updating the Single Register of Insurance, Banking, and Finance Intermediaries. (Presentation of Orias)


The Orias annual report is also available :

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The annual reports for 2011 to 2017 are available here.

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